1901 Steinway A2

Completely restored including:

new soundboard and bridge caps by Dale Erwin of  Erwin Pianos in Modesto Ca http://www.erwinspiano.com/restoration/soundboard-making/

New Wessel Nickel and Gross composite action parts including shanks, flanges, whippens, backchecks, keypins http://consumer.wessellnickelandgross.com/our-action-parts/

All original Ivory keytops restored, new key bushings, original ebony sharps

Ronsen Wurzen 16lb hammers  http://www.ronsenhammer.com/index.php?nShow=3

New pinblock, Diamond tuning pins, Roslau wire

Bass strings by Arledge Music Wire

Refinished with black Acrylic Lacquer, hand rubbed to a satin sheen - All hardware has been chrome plated

Plate refinished with automotive enamel and polished to a high gloss

Asking Price: $35,000

View of new soundboard and bridges